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Arab Insurance Brokers League


  Raising awareness of the importance of the intermediaries in the insurance market.

  Organizing studies and programs to raise the professional competence of intermediators.

  Encouraging the transformation of individual insurance brokers to be legal brokerage firms.

  Finding a mechanism to settle disputes with insurance companies.

  Providing legal advice to the Arab insurance markets when preparing draft laws regulating the intermediaries activity.

  Work to harmonize Arab legislations regulating the intermediaries profession.

  To promote the cooperation, coordination and exchange of experiences among members.

  Cooperating with similar entities in other countries and exchanging information with them.

  Cooperating with the Arab Insurance Institute to elaborate brokers' skills development programs and also in cooperation with relevant international bodies.


The League's membership is available for:

  Arab Insurance Brokers Associations / Federations / Syndicates who are members of the General Arab Insurance Federation.

  Arab companies / bodies / institutions / brokerage offices that are GAIF members.

  Individual insurance brokers.

Subscription fee

  The League annual subscription fee of the is $ 150 per person.

Voting rights:

  Each country has one vote, regardless of the number of the local association registered members, provided that the right to vote for the Association / Federations / Syndicates of insurance brokers shall be on behalf of the countries they belong to.

Chairing the Meetings

  The President of the brokers League presides the association’s meetings, and in the event that he is unable to attend, the Vice President shall act for him.

League’s organs:

Association Secretariat

  GAIF Secretariat undertakes the League’s secretariat and shall follow-up the following tasks:

  Invitation to hold association meetings

  Preparing and organizing these meetings.

  Preparing meeting minutes and keeping them in coordination with the association's administrative body

The governing body of the league:

  The League’s temporary administrative

  The League’s temporary administrative body consists of the GAIF Secretary General and one representative of each Arab insurance market for a period of two years

  The temporary administrative board elect among the attendees the President, Vice-president and rapporteur of the league, and a fourth alternate member. This will be for a period of two years, and the possibility to be re-elected for a second term.

  When the membership of the League expands to include representatives from all Arab insurance markets, the governing body should be as follows: -

  The GAIF Secretary-General and representatives from all insurance markets members of the league; each market will have one representative elected by the members of the local Association and for a period of three years.

  The League’s administrative body members shall elect from among them the President, Vice President, the rapporteur, and a fourth alternate member. This will be for a period of three years and they may be re-elected for a second term

The prerogatives of the League’s administrative body

  Preparing the League’s work plan.

  Forming sub-committees from among the members dedicated a specific topic, and it may seek the assistance of whomever it deems fit from among the members of the Association

  Preparing an annual report on the League’s activities and submitting it to the GAIF General Secretariat.

League meetings

  The League holds a meeting every year.

  The League’s Administrative Board holds two meetings a year; the time and place of the next meeting are scheduled at the end of each meeting.

  The invitation to hold meetings will be directed by the GAIF Secretary General.

  The GAIF Secretary-General has the right to call for an extraordinary meeting of the league to discuss a specific topic, or whenever circumstances will require it, or if the league’s President requests a meeting.

  The quorum required for the validity of the meeting is one-third of the members, with a minimum of five Arab insurance market representatives.

  The league's meeting minutes and the administrative board meeting minutes are signed by the GAIF Secretary-General and League’s President or the association’s rapporteur.

Members of the Insurance Brokers League

The League has 47 members

Articles of Association of The Arab Insurance Brokers League

The articles of the Arab Insurance Brokers League were approved during the first meeting held in Cairo on May 24, 2010

General Assembly Meeting

The General assembly holds one meeting every two years.

Board of Directors Meeting

A number of / 2 / meetings are held every year; the time and place of the next meeting are scheduled at the end of each meeting


Temporary Organizaion Member

Name Country
Mr. Hamed Mabrouk Egypt
Ms. Zouhor Al-Daoud Jordan
Mr. Elie Hana Lebanon
Mr. Saïd A. Antoun Oman
Mr. Amjad Jaddou Palestine
Ms. Akila Argoubi Tunisia
Mr. George Ashkar UAE

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