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Arab Actuaries League


  It aims to encourage actuaries and associations to work to the highest international professional standards.

  Determine the standards of the actuarial profession.

  Encouraging cooperation between actuarial societies to spread awareness of the importance of the role of actuaries.

  Supporting and strengthening the actuarial profession to serve the Arab insurance industry and help meet the challenges facing the profession.

  Exchange knowledge and experiences through seminars, conferences and workshops.

  Encouraging innovation, modernization and research on related topics to meet the requirements of the insurance sector.

  Assisting the General Arab Insurance Federation in preparing an actuarial study (mortality tables, disaster models, pricing, etc.).

  Building a strong and broad professional network and database of Arab actuarial experts, and helping to find opportunities through contact with companies looking for such talent.

  Benefiting in the future from the (Education Platform), which is being established in cooperation with the Insurance Institute in Egypt, in order to bring together all insurance specializations, and thus it will be a strong addition to providing educational services to students and obtaining actuarial experience certificates from international bodies.

  Providing a forum for discussion between Arab and foreign actuarial experts in insurance markets and developing actuarial competencies.

  Work to ensure that the Association has an electronic platform to connect local associations and individuals to exchange information.

  Encouraging the development of actuarial science teaching and actuarial scientific training.

  Assisting Arab markets in forming local actuarial associations that will in turn be members of the General Arab Insurance Federation.

  Spotting light on legislation related to the actuarial profession and methods of actuarial analysis in Arab insurance markets.


The League's membership is available for:

  Individuals and/or actuarial associations who work in the Arab insurance markets

Subscription fee

Chairing the Meetings

  The President of the brokers League presides the association’s meetings, and in the event that he is unable to attend, the Vice President shall act for him.

League’s organs:

League meetings

Members of the Arab Actuaries League

Articles of Association of the Arab Actuaris League

Administrative Board Meetings

Board of Directors Meeting

Members of the administrative body

Name Title Company Country
Ms. Kahina botba Actuarial expert in the Actuarial Studies Unit National Insurance Company SAA Algeria
Dr. Mohamed Abdelfadel Head of Actuarial Affairs and Reinsurance Buba Insurance Egypt
Ms. Ola Samor Senior Manager in Enterprise Risk Management GiG Jordan
Mr. Wasem tabaa Head of Actuaries Childers Group Lebanon
Mr. Mohamed Belbrka Technical Director of Underwriting and Compensation SADA Assurance (DEVK Organization) Morocco

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